Afiș de Ilinca Pop

The first edition of the International Festival of Literature and Reading (the Short Story Edition) took place between the 23-25th September 2017, in Bistrita (Romania). The festival was a response to those supporting the idea according to which the reader of fiction has disappeared and that literature has lost its battle with other competing discourses.

During the first two days of the festivals highschool students met with the writers invited at the festival. The discussions revolved around the idea of creating a community of readers and of recognizing the interactive aspect of literature. Each night there were reading and debate sessions. During the third day of the festival writers and editors participated in the open talk: How to sell short story?

The International Festival on Reading and Literature was organized by the Concert Society in Bistrita and financed by the Ministry of Culture.

Organizers: Marin Mălaicu-Hondrari, Dan Coman, Cezar Gheorghe, Emanuela Ignăţoiu-Sora

Writers: Adriana Bittel, Marius Chivu, Ardian-Christian Kyçyku, Mihai Mateiu, Bogdan Munteanu, Veronica D. Niculescu, Philip Ó Ceallaigh, Cezar Paul Bădescu, Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu, Alexandru Uiuiu.

Editors: Laura Albulescu (Art Publishing House), Simina Diaconu (Short story magazine –Revista de povestiri), Dan Pleșa (Vellant Publishing House), Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu (Polirom Publishing House).


The International Festival of Literature and Reading was the first literary festival in Romania with live video streaming. The clips can be watched on the Facebook page of the festival.

FILL Festival in Pictures


Veronica D. Niculescu

Adriana Bittel

Bogdan Munteanu

Alexandru Uiuiu

Q&A with Ardian-Christian Kyçyku, Veronica D. Niculescu și Bogdan Munteanu @ Colegiul Național Andrei Mureșanu. The discussion was moderated by Emanuela Ignățoiu-Sora.

Q&A with Bogdan Munteanu and Alexandru Uiuiu – Day 3

Debate on The Romanian Short Story with Marius Chivu, Simina Diaconu, Dan Pleșa, Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu, Laura Albulescu, moderated by Emanuela Ignățoiu-Sora.