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Robert Șerban reads a poem from his new book, Hidden in transparency (Ascuns în transparență,  Polirom, 2017), which he co-authored with his friend, the painter Pavel Vereș.

Scroll down for the English version.


Lucky Shot

God doesn’t show up in everybody’s picture

but if you are lucky enough to catch the right angle

the perfect light and if you press the shutter at the right time

then you got him.


it’s like fishing

only that this time the bait is you

and the man with his thumb up

is a sort of Saint John wearing Wrangler and sport shoes.


on the computer

God is clearer and he even seems happy

you got him online

on social media

he ’s got email, YouTube, and torrents

something he never dreamed of


keep him permanently online

you will find out in an instant

that the rest of the world loves you more and more

giving you

a neverending communion

like after like after like

                                            Translated by Cezar Gheorghe & Emanuela Ignățoiu-Sora

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