Who’s afraid of poetry? – a new web series

Can poetry be dangerous? Can it still be subversive? If language is power, can the language of poetry be dangerous to those in power? Who’s afraid of poetry? is a short web series about the perception of poetry in today’s society. Poets from around the world talk about their relationship with poetry and language.
This is a project that was born from my going every year to the Poetry Festival in Bistrita organized by Societatea De Concerte Bistrita. It is one of the best poetry festivals in Romania (organized every year by Marin Mălaicu-Hondrari, Dan Coman and Gavril Ţărmure, the great Mr. Ţ, friend of poets everywhere).
The initial concept was developed by Mihaela Panainte and me as a feature documentary, but I think it is more suitable as a short web series.


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