Mircea Cărtărescu will publish a new diary

Since 2001, Mircea Cărtărescu has started to publish his journals. The diary has played different roles throughout the years, from writing laboratory to a book of dreams and a place for commenting on recent events.

Recently, Mircea Cărtărescu has announced the publication of a new journal:

“Since I am preparing another volume of my diary for the beginning of 2018, I started going through old papers, through notebooks I have not opened for ages. I gathered a lot of dust, but also nostalgia. I came across the first journal page ever written, the one that started the manuscript which, for 44 years, was like my second skin. I haven’t changed much since then, I said to myself reading it. I was 17 years old and I already knew what was going to come in the next years”.

The journals published so far cover the better part of the nineties and the decade from 2000-2010.


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