Simona Popescu. Writer in Focus on RLN

Simona Popescu is one of the best kept secrets of Romanian Literature. Her book of prose, Exuviae, is one of the most complex and powerful meditations on the heterogeneity of identity. Her poetry, with its emphasis on the expression of the young mind (Juventus), has introduced a poetic voice and language which is uncompromising and entirely her own.

Cezar Gheorghe has just published two podcast episodes with Simona Popescu. They talk about everything, from the books she published in the nineties and the early 2000s, to writing in the age of the pandemic and the plethora of books that the writer will publish in the near future.

We plan on publishing a couple of essays on Simona Popescu’s books. So, be sure to come back to Romanian Literature Now next week!

Until then, enjoy listening!

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